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Details For Registration Plate YM52YFR

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This registration was first registered during the period 1st of September 2002 to the 28th of February, 2003.

This registration was first registered in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

If you are using this plate as a private registration, you can only assign it to a '52 registered vehicle or newer (i.e. a vehicle registered on or after the 1st of September 2002).

Front Plate:

Plate image for registration plate YM52YFR

Rear Plate:

Plate image for registration plate YM52YFR

Photos Submitted For YM52YFR

Vauxhall Combo 1700Di  1689cc  2 Axle Body  LCV blue Vauxhall Combo 1700Di 1689cc 2 Axle Body LCV blue

Would love to know how this van is getting on, and where it is, this van to me has sentimental value, it was owned by my father Stuart in the earlier 2000's but was switched for a Vivaro in 2006, unfortunately in 2009 my father had died, ever since I've been looking for this little Blue van, me and him had a passion for cars and owning this Combo to me would be an icon of that, plus last time I sat in that van I was in primary school, if the owner sees this contact me if you could, I'd love to have this van back no matter how damaged it may be it's just the princable of it being once my dads and a symbol of a happier time in my life that matters to me, so far my goal is to find it and hopefully obtain it for good, then it can set outside my house as it did 13 years ago

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