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Want to find out if your vehicle is still on the road? Have a look at a RegArchive Report to have probably the best chance of finding out if it's still around anywhere!

The registration number plate archive for UK vehicles

We list all UK modern vehicle registrations from September the 1st 2001 (the '51 plate series) to the current day (the '15 registration plate). You can search for your vehicle registration at the top of each page in the search box. When you find your vehicle registration page, please feel free to add any photos and comments about your vehicle. Use the links on the right hand side of each page to add photos and comments/memories.

Latest User Comments

Peugeot 307, reg LC56NNJ, 1.45am Fri January 13th 2017

"My car was stolen on New Year's Day. It may be just a 10 year old car to most people but myself ..."

Peugeot 3008, reg CP11CDU, 12.43pm Tue January 10th 2017

"This car was stolen from our drive on Wednesday 30th November, 2016."

Subaru , reg DB52ZZZ submitted by Big Red, Fife, 9.34am Fri January 6th 2017

"Plate on vehicle in Scotland Plate originally on Range Rover Sport HSE Red Currently on Subaru Outb..."

Lotus Elise, reg YJ03KKE submitted by Adrian, 8.39pm Tue January 3rd 2017

"Bought this car new from JCT Leeds is it still on the road would love to see pictures I have pictures..."

Peugeot Boxer, reg HJ53UKF, 3.12pm Wed December 28th 2016

"Has been parked on the side of the road for well over a month now. Taking up two a space which could ..."

Mazda , reg GV57WGW, Derbyshire, 11.17am Tue December 13th 2016

"I want this car. You sell? How much? Werry long this car in me Street. "

Hyundai Getz, reg EA06GVL submitted by Stu M, Derbyshire, 2.12pm Wed December 7th 2016

"This is the car my daughter Abbie now uses after just passing her test today 7th DEC 2016"

Audi A3, reg MP08YTV submitted by Jonesy, Inverness-shire, 2.41pm Mon December 5th 2016

"This was my favourite car ever. Used to go like the clappers. I do miss this wonderful Audi."

Volkswagen Golf, reg GD16XOK submitted by Waffler, Dorset, 12.49pm Mon November 21st 2016

"This car is currently (November 2016) a rental car for Europcar in Poole, Dorset. I have just hired ..."

Citroen Saxo, reg DU03ZTY submitted by Samantha J, Wigtownshire, 5.01pm Tue November 15th 2016

"I miss my little Saxo, love to get it back or get a new one, right little rocket!!!"

Toyota Avensis, reg FJ02PFD submitted by TheHappyManofMiddle, Lincolnshire, 4.20pm Mon October 24th 2016

"Very nice , this car has been with me for my childhood + unfortally the car has now been scrapped :( ..."

Vauxhall Vectra, reg VE07VYH submitted by Jez, Cornwall, 4.47pm Sun October 23rd 2016

"Best car I have ever had. Purchased from Vauxhall as an ex demonstrator, this vectra has given me 9 ..."

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