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Details For Registration Plate GF12ZHA

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This registration was first registered during the period 1st of March 2012 to the 31st of August, 2012.

This registration was first registered in Maidstone, Kent.

If you are using this plate as a private registration, you can only assign it to a '12 registered vehicle or newer (i.e. a vehicle registered on or after the 1st of March 2012).

Front Plate:

Plate image for registration plate GF12ZHA

Rear Plate:

Plate image for registration plate GF12ZHA

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Comments Added For GF12ZHA

Citroen DS DS3. 1.6i 3 door hatchback.

Added by Flack Calhoon.

DS3. Bought in June 2017 with 22,000 on the clock. I used it to travel and tour Wales shortly after I purchased it. According to the computer and my fuel receipts, I obtained 51.4 MPG. This has amazed me and with the cheaper Road Tax (£120) and Insurance, I am as they say, "quids in". Only faults I found with it, were the reversing assistance beeper, only worked intermittently or not at all on occasions, and the Service light came on when I know it is not due for a service until June next year. The garage I bought her from, have just this minute, collected her, and shall be plugging her into a lap top, to see what the problems are, and then fix them free of charge, of course :-) Well pleased with everything else. The performance is sparkling, though not as good as my TVR V8 Chimera is, nor would I expect a 1.6i to be anyway ha haaaaa. Would highly recommend this model to any boy racers, or old blokes like me (72) :-) Next long run is to the north of Scotland in August, so with the cruise control, air conditioning, comfort, handling, and ease of entry and exit for me, they all add up to a fun 3 weeks playing around (with the car of course). :-) I shall add photos at a later date if I am able to on here. I shall also add videos, or post youtube links to some. You can go visit my youtube videos be copy, pasting the following into your address bar on Google :

Posted at 11.36am Tue June 20th 2017

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