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We list all UK modern vehicle registrations from September the 1st 2001 (the '51 plate series) to the current day (the '15 registration plate). You can search for your vehicle registration at the top of each page in the search box. When you find your vehicle registration page, please feel free to add any photos and comments about your vehicle. Use the links on the right hand side of each page to add photos and comments/memories.

Latest User Comments

Ford Focus, reg BG59RTW submitted by Sarah M., Essex, 8.42am Mon May 25th 2020

"WOndering if anyone has seen my beloved Focus? Stolen from Braintree area a couple of weeks ago, my F..."

BMW 325, reg BD57TLJ, 10.26pm Thu May 14th 2020

"I used to own this car. it was t-boned in 2015 and written off"

Vauxhall Corsa, reg CK09RYM, Glamorgan, 1.50pm Wed May 13th 2020

"The vehicle was written off April 2020 after a RTC"

Audi TT, reg PF06JFU, Lanarkshire, 5.49pm Mon April 6th 2020

"This has been a much loved car, bought as a milestone birthday present. It has been carefully cared f..."

Lancia Prisma, reg GF59TDL submitted by Hen, Suffolk, 5.50pm Mon February 17th 2020

"Hey has anyone seen my old Lancia? Love to know where it is!"

Ford Ka, reg NK10HSO submitted by E, 5.54pm Thu November 21st 2019

"Hit twice in 12 months wrote off. Both times 3rd party fault. Must have a target on it. First time wa..."

Renault , reg KM65UJT submitted by colcheeky, Norfolk, 1.05pm Thu October 10th 2019

"This was my first car... A custom order that arrived a week after I passed my driving test on the 8th..."

Ford Fiesta, reg YE15DYM submitted by HoeKaren, 5.17pm Sun September 15th 2019

"Car has expired MOT and I should be fined £1000 at the least!"

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