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We list all UK modern vehicle registrations from September the 1st 2001 (the '51 plate series) to the current day (the '15 registration plate). You can search for your vehicle registration at the top of each page in the search box. When you find your vehicle registration page, please feel free to add any photos and comments about your vehicle. Use the links on the right hand side of each page to add photos and comments/memories.

Latest User Comments

Peugeot 206, reg BL04LFT submitted by Mares, Derbyshire, 1.44pm Mon July 30th 2018

"Vehicle scrapped after major engine fault at 70,000 miles"

Citroen C4, reg KU67VBX, 9.31pm Thu July 26th 2018

"belongs to AVIS of Edinburgh, East London Street has a few paint chippings on the bonnet, and a visi..."

Vauxhall Zafira, reg MT61LFU submitted by Robert Percival, Lanarkshire, 8.56am Sat July 21st 2018

" Was Stolen from Rochdale 11th March 2017 @ 98,000 Miles . It's Reg No at the time was D4RHP . T..."

Audi A5, reg HJ67YOL submitted by Aaron, 8.04am Thu July 19th 2018

"I viewed this car with the possibility of buying it in May 2018. When I viewed it the car had a long..."

Porsche Cayman, reg KY60RXG, 8.46pm Mon June 25th 2018

"Cayman S, Manual, Solid Black, Black Pack inc Cayman R wheels in black, Carbon bucket seats, short sh..."

Honda CR-V, reg SC56WKT submitted by Dermo67, Kirkcudbrightshire, 4.44pm Wed June 6th 2018

"We had this car for a few years,great runner never had much bother with it,even after 2 heavy bumps,r..."

Daihatsu Sirion, reg AA08JJO submitted by Phil, 8.24pm Sat May 26th 2018

"Bought this car Aug 2010 at 16000 miles. Still own it now - May 2018 at 99000 miles. With the 1.5 e..."

Mercedes Benz Sprinter, reg YJ14AVL submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 6.22pm Wed May 23rd 2018

"In May 2015, I remember that PTS minibus no. 3891 from Shearbridge Depot but I didn't have a rid..."

Mercedes Benz Sprinter, reg YJ14AVG submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 6.17pm Wed May 9th 2018

"In July 2014, the 3889 Bradford Council minibus arrived at Shearbridge Depot."

Mercedes Benz Sprinter, reg WX08BHK submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 6.07pm Wed May 9th 2018

"Back in February 2013, I remember that Bradford City Council minibus no. 3932 from Shearbridge Depot ..."

Volkswagen T4, reg SN06LFE submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 6.02pm Wed May 9th 2018

"Back in August 2014, I really remember that PTS minibus no. 3838 from Shearbridge Depot that used to ..."

Mercedes Benz , reg NK05HTF submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 2.52pm Sat April 28th 2018

"In March 2016, I remembered that 3825 PTS minibus from Shearbridge Depot but I didn't have a rid..."

Mercedes Benz Vario, reg NK05HTG submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 2.45pm Sat April 28th 2018

"On February 20, 2015, I remembered that WYTS/PTS minibus no. 3832 from Shearbridge Depot but didn..."

Mercedes Benz Vario, reg NK05HTP submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 2.40pm Sat April 28th 2018

"Back in September 2011, I remembered that WYTS/PTS minibus no. 3827 from Shearbridge Depot but I didn..."

Ford Transit, reg YE57ZFX submitted by Joedinator87, Worcestershire, 2.33pm Sat April 28th 2018

"When I was uploading the Red Transit vehicle, I made a mistake that it's the 3866 PTS minibus fr..."

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